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Let's face it, even if you've been vaping for a while, there's still a lot left to know. We've tried to answer some of the most common questions for people new to vaping below, but there's a lot to cover. If we missed something, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll answer your questions right away.

What is an Ecig? How does it work?
An electronic cigarette (or vape) simply breaks down to two components; a battery and an atomizer. The battery is typically rechargeable and can vary in many different shapes, colors and battery life (MAH). The battery is used to power the atomizer (clearomizers, cartomizers, rbas etc.). The atomizer is a heating element which vaporizes flavored liquid containing nicotine. Ecigs and APVs (advanced personal vaporizers) are a way to enjoy the physical fixation of "smoking", while avoiding the thousands of toxins, chemicals and carcinogens in traditional tobacco cigarettes.
What is eliquid?
Eliquid is commonly a mixture of half a dozen ingredients that are liscenced for human consumption. These ingredients are found in many products and foods that we use daily. These liquids may contain nicotine in ranging levels. Nicotine free liquids are also available. Eliquids are naturally and artificially flavored in order to present a more enjoyable taste than traditional analog cigarettes.
Why use an ecig?
Any person of 18 years of age is able to use an electronic cigarette (or vape) as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes and tobacco products. There are thousands of people who have successfully quit smoking cigarettes using electronic cigarettes and vapes.
Is it healthy?
The term healthy is subjective to each individual, therefore we choose not to use it. As of now, there are no long term studies available, making it premature to claim "ecigs are healthy". However, many of us that vape will tell you they would prefer to inhale a vapor with a few ingredients over traditional tobacco cigarettes; which are known to carry hundreds of harmful chemicals. Nicotine is not the harmful chemical in cigarettes. It is the tobacco based combustion which can cause lung cancer, heart disease and many other illnesses.